ÖrebroBostäder AB

ÖBO is a non-profit housing company that operates in Örebro municipality and started as a foundation in 1946. In 1989, the company was transformed into a limited company that is wholly owned by Örebro municipality and today they are a group with three subsidiaries.


ÖBO's mission is to provide the people of Örebro with good housing such as terraced houses, villas, apartment buildings and premises in central Örebro, in the various districts and in smaller towns around the municipality. Over the years, their social commitment and our environmental and climate responsibility have developed significantly and the goal is to help create an attractive city where people thrive, want to live and work.


ÖrebroBostäder AB is a municipally owned real estate company that operates throughout Örebro. They have bought a bicycle rack station for 10 bicycle racks which has been placed outside their office at Fredsgatan 20A. The purpose of the station is for tenants, employees and society at large to be able to protect their bicycle in an efficient and safe way. Contact us to find out more about the project.


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