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ICA Maxi Supermarket University

ICA Maxi Supermarket University is an innovative company in retail and is part of the ICA Group. ICA Gruppen is one of the Nordic region's leading retail companies (50% of Sweden's grocery trade according to DLF), which at the end of 2018 had approximately 2,075 own and retailer-owned stores and pharmacies in Sweden and the Baltics . The Ica Group includes Ica Sweden and Rimi Baltic, Apotek Hjärtat, Ica Fastigheter and Ica Banken, which offer financial services to Swedish customers. Ica Gruppen AB (formerly Hakon invest) is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange .


ICA Maxi Supermarket University is an innovative and innovative company operating in the southern parts of Örebro. They have bought a bicycle parking station with 10 parking spaces, as well as a scooter rack with 5 parking spaces. These have been placed outside ICA Maxi Supermarket University on Sörbyängsvägen 24-30. The purpose of these racks is that both customers and employees will have the opportunity to park their bike or scooter in a safe and efficient way. It is important to add that it is free to park your bike and scooter in these racks. Contact us to find out more about the project.


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