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Västerporten Fastigheter i Örebro AB

Västerporten Fastigheter is a municipal company with its portfolio in the western parts of Örebro. They develop and manage approximately 58,000 square meters of premises in Vivalla Företagsby, Vivallaskolan and Vivalla center and the surrounding area.


Västerporten's business concept is based on creating new workplaces, jobs and meeting places in Örebro's western districts, among other things by collaborating with other actors. By developing existing properties and creating new ones, we make it possible for people, organizations and associations to meet and develop, which in turn creates opportunities for new jobs.


Västerporten Fastigheter i Örebro AB is a company that manages and develops new environments that strengthen Örebro's western districts. The company has bought a bicycle rack station with 10 bicycle racks for Vivalla center, which is a trade and meeting place for Vivalla residents. Contact us to find out more about the project.


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